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Success Stories

Success Stories
Fantastic Dom - passed first time!
Success Stories
Very well done Rosie - knew you'd do it!! Borehamwood DTC every time! Happy driving!
Success Stories
Fantastic Nikki - passed first time after just 10 weeks - stay safe 
Success Stories
Well done Rakhee! Knew you'd do it!
Success Stories
Well done Adam - passed first time! Look forward to our motorway lesson!
Success Stories
Becci, fantastic - passed first time - stay safe 

Want To Be Next?

Fantastic Marsha - converted your automatic US license to a manual UK one in just 10 lessons!
Success Stories
Well done Chloe - passed first time! Looking forward to our motorway lesson!
Success Stories
Congrats Toby - passed first time - looking forward to our motorway lesson
Success Stories
Well done Jolyon Winkler, passed your driving test first time at Watford Test Centre today. See you on our motorway lesson! Safe driving!

Well done Josh - enjoy your driving and stay safe Behind the Wheel


Fantastic Louie, you passed your test in less than 10 lessons! Well done!


Don’t be shy Jade - you’ve passed!  Very well done. Happy Driving


Well done Emily on passing your test with one minor in your own car.  Stay safe!

Krisi - fantastic! Passed first time with just 2 minors!
Success Stories
Well done Alex - passed with just 3 minors - see you on our motorway lesson !
Success Stories
Fantastic Sanford! Passed first time and with just 1 minor - happy driving

Fantastic Will! Stay safe!


Well done Matt on passing your test.  Happy travelling!


Another pass at St Albans Test Centre. Well Done Connor! Enjoy the freedom on the road.


Well done Rob for passing your test at the first time of asking.


Well done on passing today, Victoria 1, Nerves 0.

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