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Manual Gear

Manual Driving Lessons are the most popular lessons for learner drivers. Unlike driving in an Automatic car, in a Manual car you will learn how to operate gears using the Clutch Pedal and the Gear Stick at the right time.

Independent Driving

Independent Driving

Independent driving is part of your practical test and will last for around 20 minutes.  


In this part of the test, the examiner may use the traditional method of following traffic signs, a series of verbal directions or a combination of both. He may even show you a simple diagram that needs to be followed.


However in the majority of tests the examiner will use his or her sat nav which they will place on top of the dashboard with a pre-set route.


Whichever method is used you can always ask the examiner to repeat a direction.


Remember if you miss a direction and think you for instance, should have made a left turn and missed it, don’t worry just carry on driving and say to the examiner you think you missed the turning, it is his / her responsibility to get back on the correct route.  You will not be penalised for this, unless you make any driving faults.

Theory Preparation

At Behind the Wheel - Educating Learner Drivers, give you guidance and the best tools and kits for preparation of your theory test. Your test will consist of multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test. You can view our useful links page to find the best guides for your revision and practice tests.

Motorway Training

Motorway Training

For new drivers, the thought of joining a slip road of a motorway for the first time can be extremly jarring. We will help you gain the confidence and understanding of driving on a motorway while also ensuring you are being a safe driver. 

During your training with Behind the Wheel - Educating Learner Drivers, we will use motorways towards the end of the course, especially when we do our Brent Cross Lesson. As a registered and Approved Driving Instructor, with a dual controlled car, students are able to drive on the motorway whilst still holding a provisional licence.


After you have passed your test, we will still offer you a further free motorway lesson should you feel you need one.

Defensive Driving

This is driving in a way that you can react to the unexpected. For example, you might be approaching a zebra crossing and people may be walking near it. How do you react?


At Behind the Wheel we will show you how to anticipate any dangerous situations and plan ahead to ensure no one is in danger.

Refresher Lessons

Refresher Lessons / Eco driving

Feeling a little rusty or nervous?  Book a refresher lesson with Behind the Wheel and we can help you to improve your existing driving skills or overcome any fears you have such as motorways, night driving, parking, driving in poor weather conditions.


Did you know that by driving smarter you could save in excess of £300 each year (or more) in fuel alone.  Book a lesson today with Behind the Wheel to find out how.

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